Solata Farms

Solata Farms specializes in the highest quality packaged greens and salads and sources from premium conventional farms throughout the US.

Gaia Greens

Gaia Greens is our premier organic brand that helps you create fresh, clean-label salads you crave.

Solata Pack

Solata Pack is the custom packing and private label wing of our company.  If you can imagine it we can pack it.

NEW! Cindy's Kitchen Salad Combinations

The Perfect Partner for Every Salad!

Cindy’s Kitchen’s mission is to stay ahead of the curve and make a wide range of innovative, clean, refrigerated salad dressings, dips, and cooking sauces that customers love. We’ve selected Cindy’s Kitchen as our partner to create the very finest ingle-serve salads with dressings for both Solata Farms and Gaia Greens products.

Cindy’s Kitchen is known for establishing and sustaining relationships with partners and purveyors who share their uncompromising standards.